Eight Canadian roses were chewed nearly to the ground this winter.  Our neighbor suggested we use Dogless Dog Hair Garden Protector to keep the rabbits away and to see if we could bring the roses back.  Happy to say the roses are making their way back and there is not a nibble on them!

– Grateful Neighbor


Dogless Dog Hair is highlighted in the current edition of Nature’s Pathways.  Check it out and tell us what you think!

My husband and I have always had dogs throughout our 54-years of marriage. We have always had problems being in our yard, including having baby rabbits. We were so happy when Kathy Weber introduced us to her Dogless Dog Hair bags. We have been using the bags since March and our fenced in back yard remains rabbit free. Thank you Kathy.

– Rog & Jan Severson

Having been a dog owner of many dogs over the years with a fenced-in yard, I have always had problems with rabbits being in the yard until I hung up the Dogless Dog Hair Garden Protector. Since hanging bags on my fence, I have seen no rabbits in my yard.

– Mark Severson

Kathy Weber from Dogless Dog Hair will be interviewed by radio host Gene Mueller tomorrow morning. Tune in to 620 WTMJ (AM) at 8:20 am to hear the interview!

Without the help of the following groomers, Dogless Dog Hair would not be able to offer safe and natural pest control products. In addition to the Clip Joint, the grooming shop owned by Dogless Dog Hair Owner, Kathy Weber, the following groomers, by supplying us with their product, have drastically reduced their waste product. Many thanks to each of them for their help and for their commitment to going green!

Bow-Wow Beauty Shop
Camp K-9 Pet Care Center
Dog lovers
Grooming Room
Lori’s Pet – Agree Salon
McFarland Animal Hospital
Noah’s Ark Pet Supply
Royal Pets
Truesdell Animal Care Hospital & Clinic

Check out the article on Dogless Dog Hair in the Tuesday edition of the Wisconsin State Journal!

Dogless Dog Hair is proud to be included in the Isthmus Green Days ( at the Monona Terrace on Saturday, April 26. In addition to our 16 oz bags of lose dog hair, we will also be selling our new Deer Deterrent bags, Garden Snakes, and Bird Nest Bags.

Garden Snakes are breathable, biodegradable burlap tube filled with dog hair. They are sold by the foot to fit the dimensions of your garden.

Deer Deterrent bags are breathable and biodegradable burlap bags filled with dog hair. Hang them on your shrubs and trees to keep deer (and other pests) away.

Bird Nest in a Bag is a collection of all our leftover supplies (dog hair, shredded paper, twine, burlap, thread, and dryer lint). These small, biodegradable burlap bags can be hung in trees, on fences or on shepherd’s hooks – anywhere that birds can peck at them. Bird Nest in a Bag is currently available in the Olbrich Botanical Garden’s ( gift shop.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Garden Expo! We were overwhelmed by your support and interest – both of which made for a truly fantastic way to kick off the business. We will be at the Isthmus Green Days on April 26 (isthmusgreenday.com). Stop by and stock up on supplies for your garden!

At Dogless Dog Hair, LLC,  we bring you dog fur that you can use around your garden to keep away pests and small critters. People have reported dog fur as a successful deterrent to rabbits, gophers, slugs, moles and many other small creatures. In most cases, it is the smell of the dog fur that drives the unwanted creatures away, as it tricks them into thinking a dog is nearby. In other cases, the dog fur actually coats and traps pests such as slugs and snails. If you have a pest problem, dog fur is an economical and ecologically friendly solution to the situation.

July 2013 UPDATE: We are so excited to share some feedback with you: Our customers are telling us that they are having great success at deterring deer from munching on their shrubs and gardens using dogless dog hair!


How to use Dogless Dog Fur?


Option 1: Place the dog fur around the perimeter of your garden, in a band about 3-4” wide. Then sprinkle some more of the fur throughout the garden. Reapply approximately every 2-3 weeks for optimum success. A 13 ounce bag will do the trick for a 6×6’ garden.


Option 2: Mix the dog fur in with your topsoil. The dog fur will then have the added benefit of helping to retain your garden’s moisture, and nitrogen gets released into the soil as it decays. This is a win-win! To take advantage of this option requires 26-30 ounces (2-3 of the 13 ounce bags) for a 6×6’ garden.


What about container gardens? If you keep outdoor pots, consider sprinkling a bit of dog fur around the base of the plants. This would need to be reapplied every 2-3 weeks for best results.


Indoor pots, too! Since the fur does help retain moisture and slowly releases nitrogen into the soil, it can also be a benefit if added around the base of indoor plants, or mixed into the upper layer of your potting soil mix.


How do I get some?


We sell 13 ounce bags of Dogless Dog fur for $6 each. Please feel free to contact us with questions or orders: doglessdoghair@yahoo.com

If you have dark or red mulch or white stone, you can special order the fur color (light, dark, and apricot/red)  for only $10 per 13 ounce bag. Please note that special orders may take longer to fill.

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