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Eight Canadian roses were chewed nearly to the ground this winter.  Our neighbor suggested we use Dogless Dog Hair Garden Protector to keep the rabbits away and to see if we could bring the roses back.  Happy to say the roses are making their way back and there is not a nibble on them!

– Grateful Neighbor


Dogless Dog Hair is highlighted in the current edition of Nature’s Pathways.  Check it out and tell us what you think!

My husband and I have always had dogs throughout our 54-years of marriage. We have always had problems being in our yard, including having baby rabbits. We were so happy when Kathy Weber introduced us to her Dogless Dog Hair bags. We have been using the bags since March and our fenced in back yard remains rabbit free. Thank you Kathy.

– Rog & Jan Severson

Having been a dog owner of many dogs over the years with a fenced-in yard, I have always had problems with rabbits being in the yard until I hung up the Dogless Dog Hair Garden Protector. Since hanging bags on my fence, I have seen no rabbits in my yard.

– Mark Severson