Dogless Dog Hair is proud to be included in the Isthmus Green Days ( at the Monona Terrace on Saturday, April 26. In addition to our 16 oz bags of lose dog hair, we will also be selling our new Deer Deterrent bags, Garden Snakes, and Bird Nest Bags.

Garden Snakes are breathable, biodegradable burlap tube filled with dog hair. They are sold by the foot to fit the dimensions of your garden.

Deer Deterrent bags are breathable and biodegradable burlap bags filled with dog hair. Hang them on your shrubs and trees to keep deer (and other pests) away.

Bird Nest in a Bag is a collection of all our leftover supplies (dog hair, shredded paper, twine, burlap, thread, and dryer lint). These small, biodegradable burlap bags can be hung in trees, on fences or on shepherd’s hooks – anywhere that birds can peck at them. Bird Nest in a Bag is currently available in the Olbrich Botanical Garden’s ( gift shop.